I'm impressed and I wonder why I did not come here earlier

  • I began to come In PZU "PREVENTIVA 99" because of decompression http://preventiva99.com/equipment/ that therapy was recommended it as an inoperative treatment.
  • When I came i have severe pain in the lower back and from such pains I could hardly stand on my legs.
  • The biggest result was whit decompression that therapy was not painful at all
  • After several visits, I have seen a huge improvement.
  • And now I do not feel any pain in my back unless I sit for a long time.
  • The staff is always polite and professional and always ready whenever I change the term for therapy. I am very happy with the experience I had in PZU "PREVENTIVA 99".
  • I am impressed and excited by the current state of my overall health and I wonder why I did not come here earlier.
  • I would warmly recommend PZU "PREVENTIVE 99" to anyone who has problems with the back.
Jovanche Jovanovski from Skopje.