This therapy includes various types of electrical current modalities. Using them we get different effects and results in treatment
Types of electrotherapy:
- Galvanic current - direct current
- Electrophoresis-input of drugs in the body locally whit help of current
- Diadynamic streams
- Interferential-midfrequent currents
- TENS-Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
- Electrostimulations of the denervated muscles

Ultrasound (Sonotherapy)

It acts on the pain itself, it reduces pain, resolves swelling, stimulates the formation of callus in fractures, reduces muscle spasm, helps treating the tissues the biggest effect is on the tendons.
The physical and biophysical effects of ultrasound are used.(Sonotherapy)
Mechanical effects – massage of tissue on cellular and subcellular level
Thermal effect – - increase the temperature of the local tissue.
Sonophoresis is a drug delivery method where ultrasound is used to increase the absorption of the drug locally in the treated tissues.
Underwater ultrasound therapy

Electromagnetic therapy

Application of different magnetic fields that give different therapeutic effects. It can also be applied to appliances of different materials (metal, ceramics). It increases the partial pressure of oxygen, which is especially important in tissues that are fed through diffusion such as the disc - a hernia discus.
Stimulates the formation of callus-after fractures, but can also be given in the phase of gypsum wear.
Osteoporosis-strengthens the bone
Peripheral nerve regeneration
Tissue regeneration

Triton DTS

With this decompression, there is a opening of the intervertebral spaces (1-3 mm) create a negative intradiscal pressure to promote a retraction and /or reposition of the herniated disc.Create a lower pressure od the disc that will cause an influx of healing nutrients in the disc. Decompression is releases the medulla spinalis and radixes (the roots of the nerves) the compression of them THAT cause pain along the leg or arm depending which level is the herniation is it - cervical or lumbar. With this recovery, the removal of the hernia from the disc occurs, which decreases, and then the complete disappearance of the pain as well as the completely inoperative problem resolution (discus hernia) arrives.

Electromagnetic therapy

A spine correction set that can be combined with a spine stretch with an adjustable angle of up to 45 degrees on the instrument itself, which uses its own weight.
This device also contains infrared radiation that can reach temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius, which additionally acts to relax the muscles for easier correction.


An analgesic effect- reduction of pain
Anti-edematous- reduction of swelling
Regeneration of tissues , scars
Light Amplificason by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Therapeutic Lasers: We have two types of lasers with different penetration level
Anti-inflammatory effect


Hydrotherapy is the external application of water and it is the most ancient therapy. The water effect is thermal, mechanical, and in mineral waters, depending on the type of mineralization of the water, it can have also a chemical effect. Hydrotherapy help on musculoskeletal disorders also neurological, rheumatic, respiratory and urogenital diseases.


AMSA Functional diagnostics of the condition of the human organism, where an assessment is made of the qualitative and quantitative index, the level of adaptive abilities of the organism, as well as the risk for organic diseases.

Paraffin therapy

Medical paraffin is used
Works on:
- reduktimin e enjtjes
- Analgesic effect
- antispasmodic


In our clinic, kinesitherapy is performed exclusively with an experienced physiotherapist under the supervision of a doctor.
Individual exercises for children (scoliosis, kyphosis, paresis of the plexus brachialis and torticollis-curved neck)
Types of exercises:
Active Exercises, Actively Enhanced Exercises, Passive Aided Exercises, Passive Exercises


Application of interference currents with vacuum electrodes.

We are combining of the effect of the vacuum with the effect of the interference currents